How To Register

Members who are authenticated users can experience a different website than that which is available to casual users browsing the website.    Part of this experience is the ability to register for events, RSVP for meetings and vote on polls.   Since the old site's RSVP function will be retired soon, it is imperative that if you are a member of the Oakville Shrine Club and have a computer and an email address, you apply for and register your account on the website.  This article describes how a member of the Oakville Shrine Club can apply for an account on the Oakville Shrine Club website.  


What you will need:

- Only members can become authenticated users, so you will need to be a member of the Oakville Shrine Club.

- Your Email address (if you want to use a different email than what is in the Club Roster, please let Noble Paraag Suchak know).

- A printed version of this article so you can follow along


Step 1:  Click on create new account in the User Login block

At the right side of every page is a logn block, as shown on the left.  This allows you to

- sign in if you are a registered user; or

- create a new account (register for the website); or

- request a new password if you are a registered user that has forogotten their password

For this article, where you are registering for an account, please click the link that reads "Create new account"







Step 2:  Fill in account details

Now you need to provide four pieces of information

1. Your Username - In the example shown, a ficticious member has used Joe Bloke as his username.  Its important that you dont cut corners and fill out your username as Firstname Lastname.  This will show up on RSVPs, and poll votes and registration for events, so it is important to use proper capitalization, space between firstname and lastname.

2. Your E-mail address - please use the email that is in the roster.  If you want to use some other email, please notify the administrator (Noble Paraag Suchak) in advance.

3. Your First Name

4. Your Last Name

Once you have filled this information, click on the button "Create new account"



Step 3: Check your email

You will get an email within minutes of submitting your application showing that your application is pending approval.  Your email will not look exactly as shown below, but will contain the same information.

Step 4: Check your email again the next day

Once the administrator has verified that you are a member of the club, and have provided the correct email address and used the username in the right format your account will be made active, and you will get another email with information as shown below.

Please click on the link within the email to be taken to the page shown in step 5.   If clicking does not work, then you will need to copy the link from http:/ns.... to the end and paste it in a browser to go to step 5.

Step 5:

It is important to note that your activation link email is valid for 48 hours.   If you do not get to step 5 within 48 hours after receiving the approved email, you will need to click on "Forgot my passowrd" link in step 1 to continue first.

In this step, simply click on the "Login" button.




Step 6 (final): Set up your password

In this step, you only need to do two things, enter a strong password, confirm it and click on the save button.

It is suggested that you use a strong password.  A strong password contains at least 6 characters, with a mixture of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and punctuation.  As you start typing your password, the Password strength meter will change colours and status to indicate how your strong your password is.

Once you click save, you are now signed in automatically, and able to register for events, RSVP vote on polls and even add comments to various pages/articles/events.